Q1.How does online purchasing of spells work? 

A: After you purchase, one of us (sometimes in hard cases both of us) will cast the desired spell, usually within 24 hours from you have ordered. We use white magick in our love castings and black magick for money, luck and career spells. We will need you to give some details about you, like birthday, name, other party details, any other info you might consider relevant!

Q2. So how do I order and pay?

A: Paypal, Western Union, Money gram, World Remit, Bitcoin, Direct Depo.

Q3.Why should I buy your services?

A: We offer an unique lineup of spells and products. Our love spells canīt be bought elsewhere and has the highest rate of success on the Internet. I am sure they can help you. Just remember that you came to us, and you have a problem that we will most definitely solve for you. We will absolutely not convince you to buy anything from us. You and only you have to make that decision. Use your common sense and follow your instinct when you chose a spell. We am here to help you guide you so you get the right product for YOUR needs/situation.

Q4. What kind of gift are you blessed with?

A: Extreme sensitivity to supernatural forces, profound knowledge and expertise in white and black magick magic. Together we have more than five generations of experience in magick and helping people all around the world.

Q5.Isn’t casting spells bad? Will it bring negative things back to me?

A: No. Our love spells are designed to bring nothing but the best positive results for you and those you care about. Nothing will come back to harm you or anyone around you.

Q6.I live very far from you, Will it still work?

A: YES of course it will! Magick forces are everywhere, in the whole universe. There are no limits.

Q7. Can I buy more than one spell at the time? Or will they disturb each other?

A: Of course you can buy more than one of our spells. They are well designed so they don’t disturb each other. Buying the right spells will make the effect much stronger and more long-term.

Q8. I had other spells cast without success. My case is hard, can you still help me? 

A: YES OF COURSE! We put 100% focus on every case and all clients gets the same high quality service!

Q9.How high is the success rate of your spells?

A: Above a 99.9% success rate. Customers using our love spells normally receive results between 1-10 weeks. Itīs very individual.

Q10. Do you give a guarantee?

A: Yes we are so confident with our spells that we offer a full refund guarantee. Read below. Money back Guarantee: If the spells you ordered did not satisfy you after 6 months have passed, you are welcome to contact us and we will either re-cast the spell or give you 100% money back, no questions asked!