I did not think a love spell would help me, but I not only attracted several good friends but found the “one” for me. Thank you for your kindness and understanding. Sean Abbott, Cardiff, Wales

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I was a skeptic and thought love spells because other casters failed me with.( Maybe because I am gay?) But I went ahead and did the your Custom Spell for Love. Within 30 days, my lover not only left the other man, but returned to me. Now all we do is make love! I am eternally grateful to you both! Dan Reese, California, USA

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I appreciate your insights. Don’t ever think that I take you for granted. You have such a special gift and after the reading, the choice of the spell was so clear to me! I see full effect and its only gone 26 days!! Many hugs, Katrina Thompson, Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you for helping me with my girlfriend. I thought that I was on verge of losing her. Thank you so much. Katie Drür, Hannover, Germany

Your reading was perfect!!! Thank you so much and I will do the meditation that you sent me. Many many thanks and I will buy the spell next week. Eric Johnson, Vancouver, Canada

My girlfriend came back home after 10 days you cast the spell! Bless you, both! Danielle Anderson, Daytona Beach, USA

I think that you do have the gift of clairvoyance because you have given me accurate details that I did not mention. I also think you’re honest and doing your best in your readings. Gabby Dinae, Utrecht, Holland

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